Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Cool Edit Pro Vista Mixer Fix

like me, many of you will have grown so used to using the Cool Edit Pro software and enjoy its powerful abilities in your audio mixing and editing.

before the advent of windows Vista, all was well in the CEP camp!

but now, those who have migrated over to vista, are finding it hard to use all the functions of your once trustworthy program.

well having just run into this issue myself, the inability to record and grab the vista audio mixer into CEP, spawning the error: ""Cannot find the mixer program "sndvol32 /r"

i trundled away for many hours trying to find an online solution, played about with UAC control, XP compatibility mode, you name it! - no luck.

i then had a revelation and immediately started doing what i thought would fix this issue once and for all, you dont get many moments like this, but i had followed my nose and was correct! - i had fixed it in a few edits and prompts.


CEP 2.1 accepting my mic and input levels and the ability to record once more!!

if like me, you were/are searching for this online, you will have come across many many forums and discussion on this very error, all, as far as i can see not able to point out and identify the problem

well this is where that all changes, here is what to do, step by step. i have also provided the .reg file if you want to avoid manually editing your registry, simply download the file and double click it to merge it, and of course ok the admin prompts. its safe it just enters the required syntax change for you now with regards to CEP looking for vistas Mixer!

heres how....
  1. go to your start menu
  2. in the live search box (the new 'run' equivalent), type the following: regedit
  3. after a while you should see the regedit program appear at the top of the results
  4. right click on the regedit.exe file
  5. choose 'run as administrator'
  6. press 'continue' when prompted
  7. your registry editor will appear!
  8. navigate to the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Syntrillium\CEPro2\Tools
  9. you should see an entry called: Mixer2
  10. its data/value should read: sndvol32 /r
  11. simply double left-click on the word Mixer2, this will bring up the data entry, which we will modify on the next step
  12. what we need for it to be in there is: sndvol /r NOT sndvol32 /r
  13. so either simply delete the '32' portion of the data entry or if you prefer delete the whole entry and retype: sndvol /r
  14. note that there is one space after sndvol
  15. press ok to close and set that new entry in place
  16. then exit the registry editor and the next time you launch CEP you will have mixer functionality!
thats the manual way, which sure does seem long winded when doing it blow by blow.

here is for all you impatient types (like me!)

download the auto registry file HERE (which does all the above for you!)

  1. upon downloading file, unzip with your favourite zipper tool
  2. double left click to merge into your registry
  3. continue at any admin prompt to allow it to write the new mixer syntax
  4. thats it.
  5. launch CEP and enjoy.

please contact me if the file is unavailable to download. and i will get a new copy up.



  1. it works,mate!good job!
    Thanks a lot :)

  2. Yeah it works but now I can't record cos i get an input device error, + in the mixer i can't see any sound coming from other devices than the speakers ???

  3. hi, thanks for the feedback, to the person who says they now can't record, i suggest simply reversing your steps and ensure "sndvol32 /r" (without the quotes) is in the data entry, as it was originally, so as to return you to defaults

    whilst i test and look into it myself, i will see what i can come up with. and will post back

  4. hi can you confirm what OS version you are using, vista, vista sp2, windows 7 etc? - thanks.

  5. on vista sp1, i can't reproduce the problem you describe this end :(

  6. Hey it's me again (from message2) sorry I wasn't clear enough, your stuff did work really well, my problem comes from somewhere else.. The thing is I can't get the stereo mix from the windows recording mixer and that is what has been driving me mad! This is apparently due to the fact that I have got vista and a Dell laptop and that the sigmatel soundcard in it doesn't allow you to record anything apart from the mic input (no "stereo mix") due to some crappy agreement between Dell and the RIAA so it seems.. I have tried all sort of forums >>> check http://audacityteam.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=1053&sid=32eb541b661a4a9b06b1138011fe3a24 if you are interested, good description here. Anyway there don't seem to be any good solution to that when you have a dell xps m1530 like myself, nothing works so I'm still stuck if anybody has a clue.. It's amazing the time you loose just because some paranoid guy decided you can't use simple options in case you "pirate" their riaa protected streamed songs, f**k dell anyway

  7. hi again, wow, thats an ordeal! ok, i presume you have since sorted it, from the link you posted have you tried this and enabled the hidden/ghost quasi-device?

    Select sound from the control panel.
    Select the recording tab.
    Right click on the background of the tab and choose "show disabled devices."
    Right click on Wave Out Mix and click enable.
    Now it should work the same way as Wave Out Mix in Windows XP, allowing you to record any sound your computer makes.

  8. no mate that's it, you don't have the stereo mix option available on dell computers when you do that and it seems quite impossible to get, you can read the forum on that case on the online dell website if you're interested... but it's cool I've got another non-dell xp computer to do my stuff so I gave up..

  9. felicidades me funciono ami gracias por el aporte muy bueno

  10. ninguin problema, alegre trabajó :)

  11. when i do this it brings up the volume mixer in CEP2 now not the recording mixer??

    please respond ASAP!!

  12. ^It's doing the same for me

  13. Please don't mess with the registry. Go to Recording devices in Control Panel...right click and select show deactivated devices...activate Stereo Mix.

    While here, double click Stereo Mix to change the volume to max. Likewise, change the system mic volume to muted.

    In Adobe/cool edit go to device properties. For Wave Out select Speakers. Wave In select Stereo Mix, and also activate "use in Edit View." As a safety measure, I removed the system mic from my input source list, but You may be able to get around that.

    By doing these things, you have manually done what the system recording mixer did in one button with XP. These device manipulations should work with Line in problems as well.

    For search engine bots: vista adobe audition cool edit windows recording mixer problem device line in solved

    1. this is what you need to do, this is the guy who knows . this fixed it!

  14. /\ @Anonymous

    thanks for your tips, does what you say work in vista? or just XP?, as i had no option for stereo mix, i am pretty sure that option is dependant on make and driver of soundcard.

    P.S 'messing with the registry' as you call it is relatively safe if you stick to the general cut and thrust of a guide, and is an urban myth that it can cause untold damages as you infer.

  15. Here is another way in CoolEdit to bring up just the recording devices in the Windows mixer:

    Edit the registry as the author said but instead of "sndvol /r" use "control.exe mmsys.cpl,,1"

    I'm using Vista SP2 and know it works fine.

  16. thanks for these extra tips, always good to have the option for a more efficient/easy way of doing things like this.

  17. Hey, this was very helpful, I'll have to bookmark this page and check back if I encounter any further problems. Thanks again.

  18. Hi,
    This info was just what I was loking for.
    I have my Cool Edit 2000 v1.1 up and running again on my Vista 32bit home premium computer,
    The only difference in my case was that the "sndvol32 /r" -value I found was "sndvol32"
    without the /r).
    Removing the "32" fixed the problem anyway.
    I donated a small fee.

  19. Hello, my problem is I can hear my microphone. It records in cool edit but I cant hear it while i am recording...I only see the bars going back and forth on cool edit.

  20. This page is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you to the creator and all who have posted.

  21. The flyijng Dutchie7 March 2010 at 13:50

    Hi guys, I also had problems with Audition 1.5 under windows 7, missing the recording mixer (snd32/r). Everything worked except for the recording device. Couldn't for example capture streaming audio. Have got it up and running now, without changing the registry. Just by clicking the loudspeaker and changing the input (levels, at the right from Sonic Focus))...I killed the microphonelevel and turned line in up to maximum.
    In Audition I set Device properties Wave in to "stereo mix" (Wave out still at wave mapper). Happy as a child now...thanks guys for your earlier posts...

  22. I cannot record steaming audio from youtube etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  23. and still theres no fucking links all you mother fuckers suck!!

  24. Thanks, excellent from Spain.

  25. you are so awesome

  26. hi, thanks!, in the first place, for this info. but i still have one problem. wen i click "windows recording mixer" it only shows the speakers levels, and no mic. when i press "record" on CEP the program doesn't capture de mic waves or anything...

  27. Help the above solution does nt work in Windows 7

  28. Absolute fucking champion for working out that fix.
    Is it gay if we hug a li'l bit? Like only a tiny bit of hugs but if it's gay we'll just put this awkward moment behind us and you can continue being a legend and I'mma go play cool edit now :)

  29. Muchisimas gracias compa, jala exelente

  30. Thank you, I am having the same proble you had with Cool Edit Pro. I understand Cool Edit Pro was bought out by Audio Audition. I bought Audio Audition 1.5 few years back. I am working with Window 7 Operating System. Will the solution you found with Cool Edit Pro work with this opeerating system or do I have still have an ongoing problem

  31. I had the same problem - you have all helped fix it. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  32. on dell inspiron mini

    Go to Recording devices in Control Panel...right click and select show deactivated devices...activate Stereo Mix.

    While here, double click Stereo Mix to change the volume levels to max. Likewise, change the system mic volume to muted.

    [remember where this is, will need to return if using built in mike for cams again etc)

    In cool edit top menu Options/

    .../device properties.
    For Wave In select Stereo Mix, and also activate "use in Edit View."

    Go to /Device Order ... make Stereo Mix 1st choice and select use in Edit View

    Works in windows 7 starter SP1 on dell inspiron mini netbook

  33. This was exactly what I had been looking for!!! thanks so much! You rule!!

  34. to run CoolEditPro on win 7 i did the following:

    install cep
    right click coolpro2.exe and set compatibility option to xp sp2
    right click into the empty field in sound/reocord and set stereomix to enable
    run regedit and delet the "32" as discribed above
    profit! cep is full functioning!
    thank you sir, for the information on this last step! and for making the information searchable!

  35. Hey CEPfixer. You are the man boss. It worked wiht windows 7 32 bit with SP1. I had the same error too but after manually editing with regedit i could see the three vol. bars by clicking windows recording mixer under OPTIONS. thanks buddy. keep it up. whats ur email id boss ? thx for everything.



  37. Hey guys! I was having the same recording input problem, and finally figured out how to fix it. This is what I did (win7):

    In the control panel, bring up sound options

    manage device options.

    Right click your recording interface or recording sound card and go to properties

    do to the advanced tab, and change the sample rate to 16bit, 44100 Hz.

    This did the trick for me. hope that helps you guys.

  38. Very thanks, wonderfull... congratulations

  39. Also works for Windows 7 Ultimate + CoolEditPro!

    Greets & thx!

  40. you r the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I have Vista on HP laptop. The registry fix got rid of the sndvol error message but still cannot record. There are no recording devices except microphone in Control Panel

  42. thanks :)
    I did it to solve it on Win7 64bit

  43. I know the fixes and infois for vista but I don't surpose you know the fix for windows 7 do you. The problem being an error meassge the same as sndvol /r but with win 7 its wmvcore.dll. Is there a fix for this. Thanx in advance

  44. That's an old dll it's searching for that's not in Win7. I think I downloaded it and added it manually to my system32 folder. It's a free download so just google it.

  45. aun me graba la voz y la pista en uno solo, o si m pudieras decir como hacerle para que grabe aparte, gracias saludos

  46. Although this method brings up the Vista/Windows 7 Sound Mixer and provides access to the levels, it does not allow acess to the Sound Control Panel for playback and recording device settings.

    An alternative method is to change the Mixer2 (Mixer in CoolEdit 2000) data value to: "control.exe mmsys.cpl,,1" (without the quotes), instead of "sndvol32 /r".

    I find this method better because it allows the selection of the sound devices, their setup, and their sound levels. It provides more capabilty than the mixer.

  47. Other Vista/Win7 Sound Settings:-

    • Master Volume Left: SndVol.exe -f 0
    • Master Volume Right: SndVol.exe -f 49825268
    • Volume Mixer Left: SndVol.exe -r 0
    • Volume Mixer Right: SndVol.exe -r 49490633
    • Playback Devices: control.exe mmsys.cpl,,0
    • Recording Devices: control.exe mmsys.cpl,,1
    • Sounds: control.exe mmsys.cpl,,2

  48. Thank you so much for this fix! Works perfectly in Win 7 64 bit. I also had to download the drivers for my soundcard to get round the missing 'stereo mix' problem (annoying Microsoft crap!), and having done both fixes I have a fully working audition 1.5 in windows 7. Bliss!

  49. Worked for me! Thank you!

  50. Thanks for the solution. Works also with Adobe Audition 1.5 on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

    I just change the registry like you said, just to mention, the line is different.

    8. Navigate to the following path:


    But the results are the same, thanks again.

  51. Well, the regedit did rid me of the sndvol issue but still no record, no what you hear, not there in hidden devices either.
    The mysterious thing is that it worked a while back. I know it did. I did add an app called playon for vid streaming thru roku. This app has giiven me a virtual recording device in the device mgr. I cannot record what you hear at all.
    I hope to find an answer here soon. This is a very good site. Sharp!
    Wonder if auto updates are doing something to deny this service? Maybe I could load my old original drivers for the sound device?


  52. Problem Solved!
    I believe some app re dl a new realtek hd audio device driver.
    I loaded my original rt driver and there it is....what you hear records as it should!

    I think the recording industry is up to no good here!


    Stop by my blogs


  53. After using Vista 32 with no problems I accidently installed Win 7 64bit (rather than 32) and went "yuk" and was about to remove it- it all depended on whether my beloved Cool Edit prog worked on not. So this was the first program I installed - and yes it works perfectly now thanks to all the tips here. I am so pleased thanks once again.

  54. Incidentally,following on from the last post.I am probably preaching to the converted.... but for those who do not know.There are many filters still available for CEP/2000 including the celebrated Lame MP3 decoder. Use this page."http://www.angelfire.com/indie/barnprograms2/htm/audio.html".To pick up rare FLTs say like the Dictaphone AAC filter and also the Lame FLT..but don't use the Lame DLL.as this is a very old page, just pick up the Lame FLT and then search for a modern Lame DLL around 3.88 version. Hope that is some help?

  55. For those not hearing stereomix with Cooledit now installed on Windows 7 , set the compatibility to Windows Vista 2 as I don't think it will work if you set compatibility to XP ?

  56. unbelievable thank you thank thank you...

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  58. Thank you for the precise description, you helped me a lot!

  59. Fantastico! Grazie mille! Hai risolto molti miei problemi....

  60. the link is not working anymore for the reg file, can you upload it again please?

  61. despues de años!!! me funciona,.!! gracias,!! hora que realmente me sente a leer en tu blog funcionó!! mil gracias amigo,!! el mejor!!

  62. It works for Windows 10 - 64 bits !
    Thanks a million !!!